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Mom's Moving Auditions

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Mom's Moving is a new Emerson Arts Original, coming to you this summer! 

Join Dylan as she packs up a life time of memories from her childhood home. To help their mother Gail, sisters Dylan and Alex re-connect after a lifetime apart. Could this experience bring the sister closure on their past and strengthen their connection? Or will the stress of the this move be the last straw? 

For audition information please visit out Audition Page! 

PLUGGED-IN is an Emerson Arts Original talk show that debuted in 2020. 
We at Emerson Arts have spent the last year re-working the layout and flow of the show leading up to the January premier of PLUGGED-IN which is more exciting and engaging than before!  

We are currently looking for talent to fill our first four spots of the year! 

Come on the show and tell us about how awesome you are, what you’ve been working on, where we can find you and perform a few numbers! 
Emerson Arts Co-Founders: Emily Bolyea and Mason Micevski will be your hosts, leading you through games and challenges, asking fun and engaging questions, and shining you in your best light!

Featured artists will receive a small honorarium for their performance.

Email EmersonArts25@gmail.com for more details if you would like to be a featured artist! 

Keep your eyes out for tickets and show dates! 

Plugged In

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Crushed Auditions


Follow five teens as they unpack a traumatic evening of murder, lies and secret connections! In the Emerson Arts Original: Crushed. 

Auditions are by video submission. 

For more audition in fo see our Audition Page!