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Private Lessons

We have opened  availability for our private lessons.  Choose your learning-style, in person, or online. Please email EmersonArts25@Gmail.com to schedule your lesson to have all your questions answered.



Any Private Lesson: 

(excluding Triple Threat) 


$25.00 for 30 MIN

$50.00 for 60 MIN


Triple Threat

$50.00 for 60MIN (Minimum 1 Hour sessions) 

Lessons can be paid weekly or monthly as a lump payment. Please send by E-Transfer to EmersonArts25@Gmail.com or cash. At this time no debit or credit



Intro to breathing and breath control

Vowel and consonant shape and placement

Mouth positioning and Posture



Volume & sound control

Emotional depth & sound control

Diction and Presentation



Vocal agility and riffing

Adding your style

Creating a scene/ Storytelling



Ballet & Jazz technique basics

Chore and muscle conditioning

Musicality and body flow

Basic combos



Advance technique, flexibility and endurance training

Story telling

intricate and long combos



Incorporating multiple styles

Partner work

Choreography work shops

Comprehensive combos



Characterization and physicality

 Clarifying and finding your intention(s)

Presenting and public speaking



Connecting to your scene partner/ Audience

Character history




Adding yourself to the character

Detailed character work

Text analysis and scene study

Triple Threat

All Triple Threat students will be taken on a case-by-case basis with a specific curriculum created for their individual needs and areas of growth. Keeping in mind all the lessons, teachings and principals of the discipline above each student will receive the best training including scene study, choreographed routines and vocal coaching. 


This program is ideal for anyone looking to strengthen their audition game or, students who are looking to audition  for post-secondary programs in for musical theatre, theatre, or dance.

Editing Services

Grant Editing

Have your grants edited, reviewed, or revised by Emerson Arts Co-Founder Emily Bolyea. With 10+ years of editing and grant writing experience in the not-for-profit sector, there is no one better equipped to help turn your proposal into cash.

Script & Text Editing 

Have your scripts, stories, essays, email drafts, resumes or any other documents  edited by Emerson Arts’ Co-Founder, Emily Bolyea. Does the plot flow? Are there grammatical or spelling errors? Do you just want a second pair of eyes to read it over? Email us and we can help! 

Grant, Script & Text edits will be appraised on a case by case basis. To get more information or to set up preliminary meeting please email EmersonArts25@Gmail.com.