Emerson Arts has deep roots in the LGBT+ and POC communities. We pride ourselves on our inclusive and competitive casting. We encourage all races, ages and gender identities to submit!

Mom's Moving

Mom’s Moving is the story of a women who is moving on. With Gail’s husband Charlie dead and her two daughters Dylan & Alex in their early 40’s and late 30’s, Gail is done with the huge estate. Mom’s ready to move. Dylan the oldest daughter takes charge on the moving and packing, where Alex, the younger of the two is opening her home to her mother and allowing her to movie in, to her own granny flat out back! All are weary to say goodbye to their lifelong home, but they are all ready for a fresh start. This is a bit of a psychological thriller… 

Please submit your headshot, actors resume and a 1-2 min monologue. 

Audition submissions should be emailed to   ~   By May 1st, 2022 at 11:59pm.

The Cast: (3 -F, 1 -M)

Dylan(40’s): A bubbly, go getter, who often overachieves. Dylan is a novel and children’s book publisher who loves her mother very much, and who had a strong connection to her father. She is a busy body and a committed pot head.


Gail(60’s): A tried, well-kept women who has seen a lot in her life. She now does what she pleases, when she pleases. She is kind, and charming, laid back and usually has a drink her hand. She constantly strives to do as little as possible. This move, and all her memories, is overwhelming for her. But shes ready to move on. 


Alex(30’s): An eccentric, unpredictable woman who loves to have fun! She hates rules, and often choses to break them. She has dreams of being an artist but followed her family’s advice and became a security guard. She is financially stable and very independent. She desperately seeks the approval of her family and often doesn’t receive it. 


Charlie(60’s): Gail’s deceased husband and life partner. Father of Dylan and Alex, he always had a special bond with Dylan and didn’t quite click with Alex. He tried to guide her as best as he could. A pot head, who was loving caring, and very kind. He always did the right thing or tired his best to.

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Crushed is a new original Canadian one act play. A misguided attempt to save their senior year of high school, Cassie, Maddie, Lenny, Elaine and Sammie, Elaine’s younger sister, witness their principal’s murder and work together to get to the bottom of it.

Premieres: August 5, 6, & 12, 13.

Video Submissions due May 22cnd at 11:59pm.

Please submit your headshot, actors resume and a 1 - 2 min monologue to

The cast: (5-F identifying) 

Elaine(17yo): A Type. Straight A student, leader of student council, and the debate team. Elaine loves to win. When she is challenged or heaven forbid loses, she lets het wilder, darker side out. 


Cassie(17yo): An artist, she leads with love. Listens, remembers and cares deeply. She can easily be overrun by her emotions, however genuine, they can be a crutch. Fast thinking, but easily neutralized. 


Lenny(18yo): A felon, she went to juvie for two years for bringing a knife to school. She has learned, she feels love deeply and craves for the world to see her in a new light. She uses her reputation to her advantage when nectary. 


Maddie(17yo): Daddy’s princess, and her daddy is loaded! He’s the city’s defence attorney. She uses this to her advantage, throwing the best parties, driving the nicest cars, and always looking fresh. She seems innocent and fun, but also like she knows too much and is keeping a secret. 


Sammie(15yo): Elaine’s younger sister and over emotional teen. She is two years younger than her sister and friends. Sammie grew up with these girls and sees them as family. She trusts them and loves them. 

Fright Night 2022

Call for Play Submissions for our 3rd Annual Fright Night: An Evening of Horrors.

To submit your 2-10 min short play or 1-5 min monologue- email!

We are looking for:


~Spooky or scary plays


~Hallowe’en, supernatural, or paranormal themes


~1-3 characters per scene


~Thrillers, dramas, action pieces welcome!​

This is site specific, outdoor theatre, there are no limits!

Play submissions will officially close on Saturday, July 30th at 11:59pm.

$50 Honorarium

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If you need a performer, contact us! 

We have an extensive list of performers on call. Do you need a band for your bar? Perhaps a lounge singer or a guitarist for dinner service. Maybe you need a dancer, acrobat, comedian, magician or another type of performer, send us an email or give us a call! 

Emily Bolyea: 905.515.5035

Mason Micevski: 905.719.1046