Customizable Mystery Parties

Fun for family night, birthdays, or a night in with your friends!

Each party is written specifically for you! The length, themes, and rating are all totally customizable. We incorporate 4-12 players and will add any names, or inside jokes you would like to see in your script!

 Are you planning a night in with your closest friends? Is it your birthday? Does your family reunion need some spicing up or are you looking for a unique family activity to do on a Friday night? Each party is written to fit your individual needs.

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Party prices vary based on; the number of players and complexity of the script. 

Themed Party for 4 -  $75.00 base fee

45 minutes to 1 hour

Add $25.00 for each additional player

Custom Party for 4 - $100.00 base fee

1 hour - 1.5 hours

Add $25.00 for each additional player


Inspired by Al Capone's involvement in Hamilton's own 'Edge Water Manor'. Enter the 1930's and the great depression to find out who killed your 'Godfather' in the action packed 'Gosh-Daddy' Party.

Deadly Wedding

Perfect for a bachelorette party or bridal shower!  Or, do you still have your wedding dress and want a reason to wear it?  The 'Deadly Wedding' party puts the bride or groom and their bridal party on blast as they uncover who killed the betrothed to be.

Killer Coven

Are and your friends looking to get up to some witchy weirdness? Having a pals night in? Practice your magic and find out what happens when your Coven leader is mysteriously murdered in the whimsical 'Killer Coven' Party.

Garden Party

When a group of strangers get invited to a garden party, they are surprised to arrive at a seminary themed yard. As they begin to make introductions a flash of lightning strikes and the host is found dead in the grass! Learn about each other and find out who did it and why you are even there, in the 'Garden Party'.

Beach Bashed

Custom Theme

The night before the world surfing championships, event hosts invite the top scoring surfers over for a celebratory dinner. They never expected to be murdered in their dining room, leaving the world's best surfers the main suspects and detectives in the 'Beach Bashed' Party.

Are you looking for a wild west, alien, or superhero themed party? Do you have something more specific in mind? Let us know! Send us an email and we can create a totally customized party to fit your specific needs.

Email us for your Custom Party or to learn more