Hall of History


Here you will find our ‘Hall of History’ a telling of Emerson Arts growth and production history as we continue to fight for sustainability the arts, artists, and arts workers. 

Mom’s Moving is the story of Gail, a widow and her two adult children, Dylan & Alex. Gail is done with her huge estate. Mom’s ready to move. Dylan, her oldest daughter takes charge with sorting and packing, as Alex, the baby of the family, opens her home to her mother, allowing her to move into her own ‘granny-flat’ out back! All are weary to say goodbye to their lifelong home, but they are all ready for a fresh start. When Dylan finds her dad’s old ‘stash’, the two daughters take the drugs and re-live key moments of their childhood – and father. 

*Trigger Warnings: Emotional, physical & psychological abuse/ violence* 

Staring Emily Bolyea, Chantel Furtado, Mike Jensen, Hayley Humores. Writen and directed by Mason Micevski. At the Real Theatre Company, ran by Gary Santucci.

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Emerson Arts is the proud recipient of the ‘Gold – Readers Choice Award’ from the Hamilton Spectator, for ‘BEST LIVE THEATRE’ in 2021. Emerson Arts was one of the only production companies to offer the city of Hamilton safe, outdoor, live theater during the global pandemic! 

Winning the ‘Readers Choice Award’ in its first year of operations, Emerson Arts is humbled and eager to move forward! 

 Holly Jolly: A Christ ams Concert featured Emerson Arts Co-Founders, Emily Bolyea & Mason Micevski. Along with Niagara's Melissa Penner & Samantha Marchionda, and Hamilton's Lyla Miklos and Pamela Blackwood Marques. 
With a sing along, mask mandate & so many Christmas puns, Holly Jolly was a treat for all ages.

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FRIGHT NIGHT: 2021. Premiering in October 2021, at Hamilton’s Felker’s Falls Conservation Area. 

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On October 1st 2021 Emerson Arts was extremely proud to announce our first book ‘The Stage Light Flickers’, a compilation of 32 different performing artists, leaders of industry and arts workers’ individual experiences of COVID-19, the lock down and the lack of arts in the world at that time! There are self-discovery questions, group discussion questions and brain breaks along the way. It’s an emotional roller-coaster, some thrived some didn’t, get in the head of an artist and see the world through our rose-coloured glasses with ‘The Stage Light Flickers’ 

OUTTAKES is a contest designed to spread joy and laughter, in sharing our mistakes and audition fails! We asked for your blooper real, your failed audition takes, compilation recordings, and or any other performance flub! We shared our favourites on social media, and the winner REBECCA RIPCO’s video on our website. 


Closing out 2020 and Emerson Arts first 6 months in operations, Pluggled-In offered us a magical Christmas Special! Hosted by Ava Kyere (10 years old),  Ava is the youngest daughter of Emerson Arts Co-Founder, Emily Bolyea, dazzled and delighted the audiences, interviewed Emerson Arts Co-Founders Emily & Mason, and accompanied them, singing along to your favourite Christmas classics! 

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November 2020 marked the premier of 'Unplugged' a new talk show where Emerson Arts Co-Founders interview local artists, performers or arts workers, providing them the room to show off their talents and give the world a taste of their light. 

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First annual FRIGHT NIGHT: An Evening of Horrors. Premiering in October 2020, at Hamilton’s Dundern Castle. 

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Emerson Arts Co-Founders Emily Bolyea & Mason Micevski, created Emerson Arts seeing the need for sustainable arts opportunities and the need for accessible professional theatre in the City of Hamilton, Ontario.